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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Role Model

My Role Model is Lintang in Laskar Pelangi. I choose Lintang because he can count faster than me. He's father is a fisherman. He had chosen from his school to join the challange with some rich student. When he wanted to go to school, he have a problem. The problem was, when he went to the school he went to the farm, so he must across the way there are no crocodiles in there. When he had a competition, he have a big problem, he have to waited for the crocodile to across the way. But he is lucky because there was a witch across the way. In the last question of the competition he answered is corrected. But the judge said he was wrong. But some teachers said it was right. So he must right the formula to make that answer right, the judge saw it. Then the judge said the answer was right, then his school won from the competition. 

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