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Monday, November 24, 2008

Albert Einstein ( My Idol )

My Idol is Albert Einstein. He born in Germany, 18 March 1879. And died 18 April 1955. He found some formula in maths. I like maths. I also want to discover and made all new formulas in math. And also he found some formulas in physics. I don't know I like or not about physics because now I 'm in grade 5, so I did not learn physics yet. I think I should like physics. Because physics with math have a connection. His institutions are Swiss Patent office, University of Zurich, Charles University, Prussian Academy of Science, Kaiser Wilhelm University, University of Leiden, Institute of advanced study. I don't know where is his school? and I also don't know why he studied in many institute?. Later, when I'm big I will be like him, or beat him. So I must learn many tricks and formulas of math. 

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Pitcher said...

Good One!!!!!!!!!!