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Monday, November 17, 2008

My Famous five character description

I want to describe about Georgina, she is a strict girl, he have a castle, the castle is on the Kirrin Island. She is 11 years old. She have a curly hair. I chosen Georgina because Georgina is the easiest character to describe. She have 3 cousin. She don't like to be disturb, but she's friendly with her cousins. She don't want to be a girl, but she want to be a boy. She want to be a boy because she can defeat all the boys. She changed her name from Georgina to George. If the people call her Georgina, she doesn't want talk with them. Her cousins called her George. She has to keep Timothy away, so she ask for her friend to kept Timothy away. I think Timothy is not a puppy. Georgina is a bashful girl. She liked to be a good cousin. George usually think the things that is important. George know more about Kirrin Island. When they want to explore the dungeon she recover herself from her rage and dissapointment. She always thinking about Tim.


Nick said...

Make it better because when you start a sentence mostly you use SHE

Zack said...

Nice job!!!
P.S. I agree with nick.

Gary said...

I got confused with when you say she's a girl then you use he.