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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sharing The Planet

Sharing the planet is taking good care of planet. Like make less pollution, throw the bin to the trash, and recycled the trash. If we make the planet greener we doesn't have any global warming. It's easy to help environment we can just plant many trees. Also we can plant an almost extinct plant to add the population of that extinct plant. So many ways to help the environment. If we help the nature, the nature will help us. 


arkan said...

Sevrin your typing is so clear and your words are fantastic but i think you can put some pictures in the page people will be amazed in your work
Keep the good work!!!

Leonardo 1997-11-26 said...

good Severin, like arkan said put some pictures so that everyone will be very amazed.

velociraptor said...

Nice job. The definition is very clear but there's just very little grammar problem.