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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reflection of The Grade 5 PYP Exhibition

On Day 1, in the morning, we had K1 visit us. They watched our movies. Carl and Arkan were telling the small kids about the machines needed for mining. I was guarding the booths.

            Then we had Pre-K and K2. They asked some questions to me. I answered their entire simple questions. I think I was knowledgeable because I could answer the questions that they asked me.

            In the afternoon, we had grade 1 and grade 2. Grade 2 started asking some complicated questions. I think I was thinker because I needed to think of the answers. We also had grade 3. We presented our presentations. They were very pleased with us. Arkan told them the process of mining. Carl helped me to tell the grade 3s. Then we presented our presentation in session 2, we’re the last group. We answered the questions that were asked. We needed to be risk-taker because we needed to be brave to ask questions.

             Mr John visited our booth. He asked many questions. He asked about the price of gold. We hadn’t searched for it. Mr John helped us to search for the information. He also helped us to count everything.

              The final day, there were grade 4, 6,and 7. They asked many questions. I asked many of them to write comments at our booth. We had Mr. Rick who asked us many questions. He said that our group was informative.


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